Macaroni Penguins
and the Homeward Voyage
The Macaroni Penguin was finally encountered
at our final landing, Hannah Point.  I can see the
pasta in those distinctive orange tassels.
This nesting pair of Macaroni Penguins made a cute couple.
Nearby, male Elephant Seals were practicing their
fighting skills.  It was pure action video.
This charming picture was taken earlier.  These penguins
were also curious about receiving such strange visitors.  In
the background is our ship, to which we returned from
Hannah Point for the homeward voyage.
This time the Drake Passage hit us hard, with two
days of huge waves that came as a shock.  The ship
seemed to bounce violently in all directions.  It's no
fun being thrown against the deck's walls.  Staying in
my bunk made the most sense.  Missed dinner.  On the
second day, I got to the bridge, and captured on video
all the punishment being handed out by the Drake.    
Cape Horn, the tip of South America.  It meant we
had survived the Drake and would soon be docking
back at Ushuaia, Argentina.  The adventure was over.
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of
this trip by clicking on:
There's Something About Penguins