Nesting Gentoo Penguins
    at Port Lockroy
Many countries have Antarctica bases for research or to
show the flag.  Port Lockroy, a former British base, is hiding
under the glacier above.  Now a museum open to visitors,
Port Lockroy  appears as it did during World War II.
Nesting Gentoo Penguins, all around the main building,
caught my attention.  They were quite used to human
activity, and could be approached for some of the best
closeups imaginable.
A proper Gentoo Penguin nest can never have too many
rocks piled in a conical shape.  Chicks of all sizes bed down
in comfort and warmth.  Skuas are their main enemy.
This very young chick seems quite content
with the arrangement.
The orange beak makes Gentoo Penguins easy to
recognize.  Gentoos are also larger than both the
Chinstraps and Adelies.
A pair of older Gentoo chicks begin to show adult colors.
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of
this trip by clicking on:
There's Something About Penguins