The Blarney Stone
Welcome to Ireland.  This is Blarney Castle, built in 1446,
and home to the Blarney Stone.  If you wish to continue,
it requires climbing the castle stairs to the very top.
The Blarney Stone is up there in a most awkward position.
Legend declares that anyone who kisses the Blarney Stone
receives the gift of gab.  One story is that Lord Blarney so
upset Queen Elizabeth I of England with his ability to talk
endlessly while saying nothing of substance that she put
"blarney" into the dictionary.  That is the immortal
achievement award for a diplomat.  Another far older tale
holds that the master of Blarney Castle held off attackers
with endless flattery and false promises.   
Here is the Blarney Stone.  It may have once had a special
seal or stamp.  Perhaps it was the last stone put in place to
complete castle construction.  That's the ground below,
where items in your pockets may end up if you don't take
proper care of them.    The stone has turned dark from
countless kisses over the centuries.
You don't have to be a contortionist in order to kiss the
Blarney Stone, but it would help.  After reaching the front of
the kissing line, a gentleman with strong arms adds his
support as you sit, and then bend over backwards into a
horizontal posture, while holding onto the bars with your
hands for added stability and moving your head to make
contact.  This is the Blarney Stone kissing position, here
executed perfectly as lips touch the stone.  Again you can
better appreciate this on my video.  I was afraid of receiving
a gift of gab overdose, but kissed the Blarney Stone anyway.
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