The Persian Empire
6th-4th Centuries BC
Persepolis & Tehran
National Museum, Iran
The mighty first Persian Empire (Achaemenids)
lasted a relatively short time, but left behind names
of its famous rulers: Cyrus, Darius and Xerxes.  This
carving was moved from the capitol of Persepolis to
the National Museum of Iran in Tehran.
Here is Xerxes I (the Great), who like Cyrus the
Great failed to conquer Greece.
Alexander the Great had his revenge, conquering
the Persian Empire and burning down Persepolis
in 330 BC.  Enough of Persepolis remains to make
it a must see tourist attraction.  Above is Xerxes'
Gateway (Gate of All Nations), the most intact
major structure at Persepolis.
Wall carvings of Persian soldiers at Persepolis
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