South Western Township,
      South Africa
Under apartheid blacks were concentrated into
townships, of which Soweto was the largest,
bordering Johannesburg.  

People of Soweto helped lead the struggle against
apartheid, many of them murdered by the security
police or imprisoned.  Both Nelson Mandela and
Archbishop Desmond Tutu once lived on the same
block, the only block with two Nobel Peace Prize

We drove by Soweto's "Beverly Hills" area, with
fine houses and protective walls, as shown above.   
In contrast are Soweto's vast slums.
A monument to one of Soweto's martyrs,
12-year old Hector Pieterson, killed by
police in a 1976 demonstration.
South Africans line up to visit Soweto's leading
tourist attraction, Nelson Mandela's former house.
Skipping the house tour I filmed this
fabulous dance group, a highlight of the
video.  And one of them took my picture
with the other dancers.
If you have better than dial-up, watch the complete, free
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