Lemur Island
Lemur Island is privately owned, operating as both a lemur and
tourist trap.  It's a real island, and since lemurs cannot swim,
they are stuck here.  Tourists take an extremely short canoe ride
to Lemur Island, with little idea of what awaits them.

Tame Lemurs on the island have become dependent upon
tourists for food, so they beg, do tricks, and jump upon people.
This appears to work, as tourists do feed friendly lemurs.

This entirely un-natural island does allow for fantastic lemur
photography, and I ended up with ridiculous but great video
and stills.  But first I had to shed the lemurs jumping on me, in
order to take pictures properly.     
Black and White Lemurs have a size advantage over the others.
They control this fence, which allows them to meet tourists first
and higher up, leading to immediate food rewards.  Any Brown
Lemur on the fence is chased off.  So Brown Lemurs counter by
jumping onto tourists as if they were trees.  
This Black and White Lemur has developed a special trick just
for tourists.  By hanging down from a tree, entirely un-natural,
food gets delivered right into the lemur's mouth.  My video
shows how well this works, as a tourist feeds the acrobat.
A Brown Lemur awaits the arrival of more tourists to literally be
jumped for a handout.  I paid no modeling fees and didn't carry
any lemur food, just cameras.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's complete, free video of this trip, "Dancing
With the Lemurs", by clicking on:

Tiny, delicate, Bamboo Lemurs seemed far removed from any
feeding frenzy attack upon tourists.  They may live normally.
A pair of Brown Lemurs have jumped upon this tourist, who
appears not to mind the intrusion.  Most people desire a picture
of themselves covered by multiple Brown Lemurs.  Don't know if
she fed them, which is what the Browns want.

Only in my video, where Brown Lemurs jump from one person
to another, while all is chaos, and people try to photograph
mayhem, can justice be done to that ultimate craziness of Lemur
Island.  Some tourists really seemed to enjoy it, taking a great
deal more still pictures than I did.  Action calls for video!