Monteverde Reserve
Costa Rica
Monteverde started out as a refuge for American Quakers who
were draft resisters half a century ago.  They felt safe in Costa
Rica, which had no army.  The Quakers helped pioneer
conservation and preservation of this region, now a center for
various forms of Ecotourism.  I would not include zip lines
that speed people atop the rainforest canopy, nor comparable
unnatural tourist attractions..  
Here is Monkey Tail, which certainly looks the part.
It grows on the trees in Monteverde.
Monteverde had the only waterfall I saw in Costa Rica.
It was extremely peaceful and lovely from every angle.
The waterfall up close.
All rainforests share a certain jungle quality. At
Monteverde everyone hopes to see the Quetzal, a rare
bird with magnificently colored feathers.  I saw a
Quetzal, through a telescope, which precluded both
stills and video.  My stay at Monteverde was too
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