Lucerne's Old Town is reached by crossing two medieval
bridges.  This one, the Spreuer Bridge, is an original from
1408.  It features panels showing death from the Bubonic
Plague, which spared no one based upon class or age.
The Old Town in Lucerne has a segment of ancient walls
and towers in magnificent condition.  It's possible to walk
on a portion of the walls, while other areas were being
restored.  Atop the walls is a great view of the Old Town.  
Several buildings in Lucerne's Old Town feature artistic
decorations.  This one shows William Tell and his family, the
great, legendary Swiss hero who fought for independence.
The Lion Monument honors Swiss soldiers killed defending
King Louis XVI of France during the French Revolution.  
Some died in battle, the rest were guillotined.  

Foreign countries often hired Swiss military men for such
duty.  So while Switzerland remained neutral, Swiss soldiers
of fortune fought in many European wars during past
centuries.   Today this ancient practice continues with the
Swiss Guards of Vatican City, who protect the Pope, wearing
colorful medieval uniforms.   
A wider view of the Lion Monument, carved in 1820.
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