New Zealand
Auckland is by far New Zealand's largest city, with a
population of over one million.  This picture was taken from
Mount Eden, an extinct volcano, the highest point for
looking  down upon the metropolis.  It seems that every
mountain in Auckland is a volcano, over fifty of them.  Many
are considered active volcanoes, although the last eruption
was 600 years ago.

What Auckland lacked was a distinctive landmark, and you
can see the Sky Tower, intended to remedy this problem.  It
includes a hotel where I stayed, plus a casino.  Hard to miss
Auckland's Sky Tower from any angle.     
The Sky Tower is even more prominent in this picture taken
from a sailboat in the harbor.  Auckland is known as the
"City of Sails", where winning the America's Cup in 1995
and 2000 is a source of local and national pride.  
If you have a broadband connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free video of this trip, "North and South
Kiwi", by clicking on: