New Zealand Highlights and
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Table of Contents
North Island
South Island
The Kiwi is far more than New Zealand's rare, endangered,
nocturnal, and generally odd national bird.  Human New
Zealanders have taken on the bird's name, so they too are
Kiwi.  My video asks why, obtaining many different answers.

Since Kiwi can generally only be seen in zoos, where dark
enclosures mimic night during the day, these birds are far
more visible as works of art.  Here is a giant Kiwi statue, one
of many in New Zealand.  As with real Kiwi that I
photographed, its long thin beak, complete with nostrils,
pokes into the ground looking for food such as worms.        
Sheep outnumber people in New Zealand by a ratio of about
10 to 1.  I photographed a sheep show of many different
breeds.  Europeans also introduced cattle and deer, all parts
of the New Zealand economy, for export and consumption.
The Maori came from Polynesia by sea and settled the
country many centuries before encountering European

After fighting the English and each other, Maori chiefs
signed a formal peace treaty in 1840, under which New
Zealand became a British colony, in exchange for certain
guaranteed Maori rights.  The treaty's meaning is still
being litigated.

But New Zealand is today far more bi-cultural than
Australia or Hawaii.  Maori is an official language; the
15% Maori population have guaranteed seats in
Parliament, their own political party and TV station; plus
an influence as part of New Zealand that is highly visible in
Maori art, dance, and song, which have become integrated
into a Kiwi partnership.       
With volcanoes, glaciers and alps, New Zealand offers endless
natural wonders.  Its tallest peak is mighty Mt Cook, which I
was fortunate to both see and photograph.  National parks
cover New Zealand; and outdoor activities range from skiing
to reckless adventures I filmed but cannot fully describe.  
Watch the video to understand what I mean.   
If you have a broadband connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free video of this trip, "North and South
Kiwi", by clicking on