Senglea and its Lookout Point
Senglea is one peninsula directly across Malta's Grand
Harbor from Valletta.  Mostly residential, Senglea is best
known for the small building at its tip, not a fort, but part of
the Safe Haven Gardens.  This symbol of Malta at Senglea
Point is the Vedette (watchtower).
The Vedette is eternally on alert.  You can identify the large
eye carved above left.  On the other side is a huge ear.  This
point commands some of the best views in all directions.
During World War II the Vedette's eye would have been
looking for Nazi and Italian bombers which pounded the
island.  Malta was a critical allied base in the Mediterranean
for disrupting enemy supply lines and launching the invasion
of Sicily.  The people of "Fortress Malta" received Britain's
highest award for civilian bravery.
The Vedette is photogenic at every angle on both sea and
land.  I took a bus around the Grand Harbor over to Senglea
Point for some close-ups below from the Safe Haven Gardens.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of Sicily and Malta,
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