Koalas, Crocodiles, Wombat,
and the Strangler Fig
The Koala lives high up in the trees and isn't easy to
photograph.  It's extremely fussy, eating only favorite
eucalyptus leaves.  I took this picture on Kangaroo Island.
A Koala closeup is much easier at a wildlife park.
This crocodile at Kakadu National Park was kind enough to
open its jaws for me.  Kakadu is a natural paradise,  A boat
cruise is highly recommended for crocodile photography.
Kadadu also features a world-class joke building,
the Crocodile Hotel.  I stayed here.  Guests enter
through the crock's jaws and sleep in its stomach.
The Wombat, another Australian creature far
easier to find in a nature park than the wild.
The Wombat does have legs, they are quite short.
The Strangler Fig is a killer, parasitic plant that surrounds
and chokes other trees; similar to a python.  It's very
common, but this picture is of an ancient Strangler Fig giant,
the Curtain Fig.  Very hard to imagine it's size.
With two people for reference, you can now
appreciate the true bulk of this monster, one of the
most famous trees in Eastern Australia.
If you have a high speed internet
connection,  watch the Intrepid Berkeley
Explorer's free video of this trip by clicking
Kangaroo From Kakadu