Images of the New Poland
Freedom from Communist rule immediately brings in the
American fast food companies.  Burger King is not alone
in trying to create a brand new market in Poland.
They travel in packs, as Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC
have  quickly crossed the former Iron Curtain into Poland.  
Usually I photograph McDonald's and Coke, both of which
are now also Polish.
Music with American roots has more to offer.
Most disgusting and pervasive is the invasion by American
tobacco companies, leading to the Marlboro Man in Poland.
A negative side of Poland's transformation to capitalism.
Even worse, in my opinion, is the creation of special American
cigarette brand names marketed to Poland and all of Eastern
Europe as symbols of how people can become more western.  
This is pure commercial exploitation of pro-American Polish
political sentiments.  A cancerous growth in Poland, with
brands such as West and Golden American.
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