I first visited Salzburg in 1996, before having a camera.  Now I
finally got back in 2016 to photograph the town.  It's a
splendid combination of churches and other monuments.  
Overlooking Salzburg is the Archbishop's Fortress, from an
era when the Catholic Church ruled over the city.
Salzburg and Vienna fight over their rights to the
heritage of Mozart.  He was born in Salzburg, in
this building, which loudly proclaims the fact.
Salzburg's Old Town has many attractive buildings.
"Sound of Music" tours stop at numerous Salzburg
locations used in the film.  Here is an exterior in
the "Sixteen Going On Seventeen" segment.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's 2016 video that includes Salzburg by
clicking here:
Oktoberfest  ; and a 1994 video of Vienna and
Eastern Europe that follows Italy, by clicking on:  
Gondola With the Wind  .