Prater's Giant Ferris Wheel
Vienna, Austria
Vienna's Prater amusement park can be spotted from many
places in the city because of its giant ferris wheel, built in
1897 and called the Riesengrad.
For movie fans, the giant ferris wheel is a star, thanks to its
role in Carol Reed's 1949 classic film "The Third Man", in
which Orson Wells and Joseph Cotten shared a quite
dramatic ride in one of its large cars.  Again my video has the
advantage, since the ferris wheel is presented in motion.
Now I'm on the giant ferris wheel ride and taking
pictures  from one of these cars as it makes a complete
Approaching the highest point, Vienna appears below, and
again this is best shown in the video.  Having failed to reach
the Prater on my first trip to Vienna in 1986, this 1994 ride
was most satisfying.  Vienna has a great metro system,
which brought me right to the Prater.
With a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free streaming video of this trip, the second
half of "Gondola With the Wind", (after Italy), by clicking on: