The Hiroshima Carp        
          Baseball Stadium
This odd trio of Hiroshima structures all in the same area,
the Atomic Dome, plus Hiroshima Castle, is completed by the
Hiroshima Carp Stadium.  Here is modern Japan in the guise
of Major League Baseball, looking familiar to Americans.  
The Carp, in red and white, will be playing the Dragons.  
Dragons wear blue, and are taking batting practice in the
picture above.     
Well before the game starts, hard core Carp fans are ready
in the bleachers.  It's a Japanese baseball tradition for fans to
make thunderous noise continuously, using taiko drums and
anything else that is loud.     
The Carp mascot is of an unknown species, but definitely not a
carp or any other kind of fish.  Silly looking mascots have
made it to Japan.  This one was kept busy by young fans who
wanted it to sign Carp caps.  This popular mascot has a name,
but the language barrier kept me from learning it.  I thank
the Carp ushers who let me in to take these pictures.  Go Carp!
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