Traditional Entertainment    
In her lovely kimono, she performed a Kyoto Style Dance
dating from the 16th century.  Women rarely wear kimonos,
in modern Japan, except at formal events such as weddings
and on stage.  To the right is a Gagaku or ancient Japanese
court music dancer, whose style is many centuries older still.
Pick any period from ancient Japan, and this orchestra
would probably feel right at home playing in that era.
Bunraku, the Japanese puppet play, is over 1,000 years old,
taking its current form in the 16th century.  The large
female puppet ends up climbing the water tower behind her.
Time to send in the clowns.  This is Kyogen, ancient comic
plays dating from the 15th century.  They get all tied up in
the scene above, and complain bitterly about it.
Other traditional Japanese performing arts include Kabuki
(like grand opera), Noh (slower, but teamed with Kyogen),
and Taiko (both ritual and modern drumming).
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