Roman Bridge and
Royal Stables Horses
Cordoba, Spain
Cordoba has the largest Roman Bridge I've seen
anywhere, including Rome.  This one has 16 arches
and has often been rebuilt.  Very convenient for   
walkers and bikers.  Another reminder that Spain
was once Roman.
At the Royal Stables are descendants of Spanish
thoroughbred warhorses.  King Philip II ordered the
stables to be built in 1570.  A similar breed is better
known at Vienna's Spanish Riding School in
Austria.  Called Lipizzaner Stallions, they put on a
show in the Hofburg Palace.   
Cordoba's show has been going strong for 30
years in the open air.  Not to be missed.  I wish
they had allowed photography, especially video.
No real complaint, after being allowed to take
pictures of the horses while practicing and before
the show.
Watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's 2019
Travel Video of Spain by clicking on:

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