Buenos Aires
The Obelisco, constructed in 1936, is the symbol of
Buenos Aires.  It is surrounded by the city's main street,
with a total of 16 lanes for cars at the widest point.  If
possible, avoid Buenos Aires traffic.   
Various buildings surround the central square of Buenos
Aires, Plaza de Mayo.  This is the 18th century Cabildo,  
(Town Council), a museum to architecture of the past.
The neighborhood of La Boca is famous for these brightly
painted buildings, concentrated along Caminito Street.  
La Boca also boasts having the city's best soccer team, the
Boca Juniors, who play in La Bombanera Stadium.
Another example of La Boca building art.
It's called the most colorful neighborhood
in Buenos Aires for good reasons.
The Tango, born in Buenos Aires.  This is a classic pose,
right at the end of a dance (before the lights go out).  For
more Tango, watch my video, "Tango and Samba Falls".
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer
's free video of Argentina and
Brazil clicking on
:  Tango and Samba Falls
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