Borobudur Temple
Over a thousand years ago, central Java was ruled by a Buddhist
dynasty that constructed the massive Borobudur stupa, a
monument wrapped around a hill.  It is a vision of the Buddhist
cosmos in stone, as one progresses upwards to nirvana at the top.

A combination of volcanic eruptions and Hindu kingdoms soon left
Borobudur abandoned and covered in ash for centuries.  
Restoration of the site was completed in 1983, thanks to aid from
abroad.  Now Borobudur has become Indonesia's single most
popular tourist attraction.  A primarily Moslem nation, Indonesia
hosts Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world who once again
come to Borobudur.   
The central stupa (Buddhist shrine) is at the top, but
Borobudur is really all one giant stupa.
There are over 400 statues of Buddha along the route a
pilgrim would follow.
Thousands of elaborate carved panels represent Buddhist
teachings, art & history.
A forest of large stupas dominates the top three terraces.
A serene Buddha sits at the top, but other statues remain
hidden in the stupas, awaiting discovery.
Java, Indonesia
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