The Nazca Lines
I am now in southern Peru, having left the Inca highlands far
behind.  This is an exhibit at the Ica Museum demonstrating
the artistic nature of the lost Nazca civilization, which
disappeared over a thousand years ago.  The Nazca certainly
had skill when it came to creative designs.

Nazca pottery is easy to recognize, but their true fame comes
from mysterious lines drawn in the desert and only viewable
from the air.  There is no clue as to why the Nazca drew
these lines, which form very recognizable images.

Aerial photography is not my specialty, and taking a decent
shot of the Nazca lines from a small plane in a limited
amount of time is quite difficult.  What follows are my best
efforts with three Nazca line images I managed to get into
focus.  They also appear in the video.
Not only is this clearly a giant spider on the
ground, the drawing is extremely detailed.
It's a hummingbird, with the beak pointing down.
I managed a closer picture of "The Hands".  The
Nazca lines include many other formations, but I
felt quite lucky to have taken these scenes.
"The Hands" also leave no doubt regarding what is
being depicted.  These are human hands, even
though one of them has only four fingers.  Artistic
license by the Nazca is my guess.
If you have a high speed internet connection, please watch
my free Peru video of this trip by clicking on:
The Inca Lost and Found