Machu Picchu's
      Temple of the Sun
Among all Machu Picchu buildings, only the one in
the center is round.  Containing an altar and the
finest stonework, it was considered important and
named Temple of the Sun.
The closer one gets to it, the more distinctive the
Temple of the Sun appears.
My best closeup photo of the temple's round design.  
Unfortunately it was closed during my visit in 2000.
I maneuvered to a spot above the Temple of the Sun.  
You can see the large altar above, and the round design
of the stonework on two corners.
I found these Andean musicians in the Machu Picchu
Hotel restaurant, the end of a quest that is featured in
the video.  As with Ecuador, it seemed I might never
locate Andean music anywhere in Peru, despite finding
their compatriots all over the planet.  But the group,
Allpa MachuPicchu, appeared to have a long term gig
here.  They play the music of the Incas.
If you have a high speed internet connection, please watch
my free Peru video of this trip by clicking on:
The Inca Lost and Found