Machu Picchu remains an unsolved mystery.  There is no
clear idea why the Inca Empire built it.  The Spanish never
found Machu Picchu, and few Inca descendants were aware it
existed.  An American historian re-discovered Machu Picchu
by accident in 1911, while looking for a different Inca city.

Above is the classic Machu Picchu photograph, with its
Central Plaza in the middle, surrounded by the remains of
roofless stone buildings and steep Inca terraces.  The stone
work and terraces remain impressive.  The huge mountain,
center right, is Huayna Picchu, which can be climbed; but I
decided against it.  The best photos were from this location by
the Caretaker's Hut, high enough for me.
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer at Machu Picchu.
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The Inca Lost and Found
Scenic Views of Machu Picchu,
       Lost City of the Incas
Moving in a little closer, you get a better idea of
how Machu Picchu lies at the top of a steep plateau.
Still closer, and now you see the main portions
of Machu Picchu that can be explored on foot.
The Central Plaza is Machu Picchu's green
island in a sea of Inca stone structures.
The classic, wide, vertical view.
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