Florence's Ponte Vecchio and
the Basilica of Santa Croce
Florence has modern bridges across the Arno River
for cars, but only the Ponte Vecchio remains to
show what a bridge looked like centuries ago.
Bridges were medieval malls, and the Ponte Vecchio
is still full of shops.  Very specialized products here.    
As tourists roam the Ponte Vecchio it helps if they
are looking to buy gold or jewelry.  That is just
about all any of these shops sell.
The Basilica of Santa Croce, a short walk from Ponte
Vecchio, presents a very bright exterior.  It's quite
different inside, quite dark, but suitable for the tombs
and monuments of Florence's most famous citizens over
the last 500 years.  From Machiavelli to Michelangelo,
everyone is brought together at Santa Croce.
I made an effort to photograph Florence at night
on my 2001 trip.  Santa Croce had the best lighting.
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