Florence - Giotto's Bell Tower
 (Campanile) and Views
Built in 1334, Giotto's tower is my favorite among those in
Italy that don't lean.  I've climbed it twice for fantastic
views of Florence, starting with the Duomo's red dome,
which is conveniently located next door.
No question that if you want to really see the Cathedral
Dome, the best vantage point is from Giotto's Tower.  This
works both ways.  The dome can also be climbed, and above
you see people enjoying the vistas it offers.  
Here is Giotto's Tower as viewed from atop the Dome.
Florence will look magnificent from either spot.  Above on
the left is the Basilica of Santa Croce, featured on the next
page.  The rectangular tower to the right is part of city hall,
the Palazzo del Bargello.  No sign of the modern world.
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