Grand Canyon National Park
Arizona, USA
On a clear day I have seen nothing comparable to the Grand
Canyon.  It covers a huge area, although most visitors linger
at the South Rim, from where this picture was taken.
Another South Rim vista.  In the center right you can
glimpse the Colorado River, which carved the canyon over
eons.  For a closer look, trails descend all the way down, to a
bridge crossing the river.  Then a dedicated hiker can ascend
to the North Rim.  My hike revealed that getting deeper into
the canyon blocked scenic views only available from the
Two years later, in 1991, I returned to Grand Canyon, for
views from the North Rim, best reached by going south into
Arizona from Utah.  It's a National Park convention in this
region, which includes Bryce and Zion.
Another North Rim view shows how the canyon colors
change from one layer to another.  At the very bottom there
is always the Colorado River, even if it cannot be seen.
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