Mono Lake, with its signature tufa formations, reflected along
with clouds and mountains.  It lies east of Yosemite.  After
decades of legal/political battles, the lake was saved from
extinction thanks to limitations placed upon water diversions
by the City of Los Angeles.  Now Mono Lake is being restored
to a healthy water level.  Some of the tufa is going to
disappear, since it was formed under water. As the lake
shrank, emergence of the distinctive, highly photogenic tufa
helped the Mono Lake Committee to save it.       
The Campanile, symbol of the University of California,
Berkeley; copied from Venice's bell tower.  It would be
recognizable to Italians.  I live nearby.
A tower of the Golden Gate Bridge, best known landmark of
the San Francisco Bay Area where I have lived for over fifty
years.  The bridge connects San Francisco and Marin County.
Yosemite Valley in Yosemite National Park, the most
crowded area of California's best known national park.
Half Dome, a huge rock sliced in two by a long-ago glacier,
competes with Yosemite's many waterfalls as symbols of the
park.  Half Dome wins because it is unique.  This picture was
taken from Glacier Point, after a hike from the valley floor.
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