Greco-Roman Capital of Turkey
Ephesus is a famous and powerful ancient city with
a long history.  What can be seen now is primarily
Roman, but the Greeks were here earlier.  It's the
best preserved site in this region.  A highlight is
the Library of Celsus, its facade restored in place.
In Ephesus we learn what public toilets were like to
the Romans.  But these are western toilets, of the
sit-down type, rather than eastern squat toilets.  It
was ironic to find that modern toilets provided to
Ephesus tourists were of the eastern design.
I liked this carving of a Roman soldier carrying his
shield and sword, just as in movies about Rome.
One highlight of Ephesus is its Great Theater, built
by the Romans about 1900 years ago.  It could
hold 25,000 people and has been used for modern
performances.  The Turkish government takes
extremely good care of Ephesus, among its
greatest tourist attractions.

I was very happy that the Greek cruise ship
stopped at Ephesus, which I visited again on a
later trip to Turkey.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
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