Streaming Video Problem Solver
You are here because the videos did not stream.  Let's see if that can be
corrected by following the advice on this page:

The Basics

1. Internet Connection

You must have a high speed internet connection, such as cable, DSL (or
better), in order for the videos to stream on your computer.  A regular dial-up
modem will not work.  

2. MP4 Replaces the Windows Media (WMV) Format

Intrepid Berkeley Explorer videos now stream in the MP4 format, instead of
the Windows Media format (WMV).  Old windows media links still work with
an automatic re-direct to the MP4 files.  This leaves you on a page showing all
of my travel videos you can select to watch.  Hitting the "Back" button
returns you to the prior page.

MP4 should allow you to watch the videos with any browser on any kind of
device, including smart phones.

I would appreciate learning whether you encounter any problems.


Many programs or devices on computers have blocked streaming videos in
the past.  If you have any of the following, disable them and try playing the
video again.

1. Ad Blockers

Ad blockers, especially pop-up ad blockers, are public enemy number one.  
Turn them off and the videos may stream.

2. Firewalls

There are many types of firewalls, and some of them block streaming video.  
Disable your firewalls and give the videos another try.

3. Anti-Virus Programs

Although less of a problem than ad blockers and firewalls, some overly
protective anti-virus programs obstruct streaming video.  If none of the
earlier suggestions have worked for you, turn off your anti-virus programs
and the videos might stream.  This is perfectly safe, at least for my videos.

4. Videos Take Forever to Buffer/Load

This probably means your device does not stream fast enough to watch
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer videos.  They will only work at a higher speed.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience.   

5. Streaming Videos Are Off Line

Sometimes the websites necessary for Intrepid Berkeley Explorer videos  or
any videos to stream can be temporarily off line.  Instead of nothing
happening, which usually indicates one of the problems above, you get an
error message saying the website could not be found or opened.

If this happens to me, I will try to get the videos back on line as soon as
possible, the same as anyone else with such a problem.  But there is nothing
you can do about it.  Give up and try again later.  No such unhappy events
here for years now.

Hopefully you can see all my videos:

The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer