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See the friendly gray whales up close at the San Ignacio
Lagoon, Baja California, Mexico.  Touch a whale or kiss a
whale; they like human contact.  (1998) 14 minutes.  
New Mexico and Churchill, Manitoba, Canada in one movie,
featuring the Carlsbad Caverns, Taos Pueblo, and the Polar
Bear Capitol of the World (2000) 27 minutes.
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer is all over Italy, featuring
Rome, Venice, Florence, Capri, Pompeii, Pisa, the Italian
Riviera, the Italian Alps, Siena, Milan, and much more.  
(filmed in 2001; edited in 2002) 38 minutes.
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The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer survives Antarctica. Featuring
4 Penguin species, plus icebergs, glaciers, humpback whales,
seals, and great natural beauty.  (1999) 23 minutes.
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer searches Peru for Andean
musicians.  Featuring Machu Picchu, Lima, the Sacred Valley
of the Incas, Cuzco & the Nazca  Lines.  (2000) 23 minutes.
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer in Thailand, Cambodia,
Vietnam, and Laos, featuring Bangkok, Angkor Wat,
Cambodian court dancing, both north and south Vietnam (&
Hanoi's water puppets), the Great Sacred Stupa of Laos, and
Luang Prabang's temples (1999) 41 minutes.
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer in two continents, Europe &
Africa; a trip that begins in Spain (Madrid, Toledo, Granada),
crosses over to Morocco (featuring Fez and Marrakesh), back
to Spain (Seville), and also Lisbon and Fatima in Portugal
(1999) 32 minutes.
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer discovers the glories of China:
the Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City,
giant pandas, the Grand Canal, Guilin's beauty, Xian's
underground army of statues, Shanghai, plus Hong Kong &
much more.  (1996) 43 minutes.
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer tours England (London,
Stonehenge, Bath, Warwick Castle, Oxford), Wales, Ireland
(kiss the Blarney Stone, gaze at the Cliffs of Moher, explore
Dublin), and Scotland (bagpipes, Edinburgh, castles, the
highlands, Loch Ness); interviews galore.  (1997) 46 minutes.
Discover the new Russia at election time, featuring the glories
of Tsar palaces in St. Petersburg, the Kremlin and St. Basil's
Cathedral in Moscow, followed by the medieval capitols of the
now independent Baltic States: Vilnius, Lithuania; Riga,
Latvia; and Tallinn, Estonia.  Capitalism is breaking out all
over.  (1996) 43 minutes.  (Elections are different now.)
Explore ancient Mayan cities in Honduras (Copan),
Guatemala (Tikal), and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula (Chichen
Itza & Uxmal), plus Mexico City, with a visit to the Virgin of
Guadalupe + the temples of Teotihuacan (home of the gods).  
(1995) 42 minutes.
An Australian safari, featuring the spectacular wildlife and
scenery from down under, plus Uluru (Ayers Rock), the Great
Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, and Aboriginal dance,
music & art.  (1994) 41 minutes.
The saga of Constantinople which became Istanbul,
featuring the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires,
with Cappadocia (land of fairy chimneys), plus Ephesus, the
Turkish Riviera, and the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's
attempt to shop for a magic flying carpet.  (1998) 43 minutes
Highlights of Greece, starring Athens, Olympia, monasteries in
the sky at Meteora, Sparta, the Byzantine Empire, the islands
of Mykanos and Santorini, plus much more.  (1992) 50 minutes.
Israel and Jordan: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Galilee, Golan
Heights, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Masada, the Dead Sea, and the
ancient glory of Petra, Jordan.  Jewish, Moslem, and Christian
holy sites.  
(1995) 44 minutes.
Bali & Java (Indonesia): Balinese dance, painting, shadow
puppets, cremation ceremony, kite flying, plus Java's
Buddhist and Hindu World Heritage Sites and the Ramayana
Ballet.  (2002) 37 minutes.  (With Digital Effects.)
Ecuador's Highlands, colorful markets, Quito; trek through
the Jungle; to the Galapagos Islands for personal visits with
seals, iguana, blue-footed boobies, dolphins, the giant tortoise,
and many more unusual creatures.  (1993) 42 minutes.
Kenya & Tanzania: all the famous African animals from
Antelope to Zebra, plus the Samburu Dancers and the Masai.  
(1990) 64 minutes.
Guide to Florida: From Disneyworld to manatees, alligators,
the Everglades, airboat & canoe rides, Key West, "art deco",
and the Kennedy Space Center.  (1992) 37 minutes.
The great National Parks of South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah
and Arizona, including: Mt. Rushmore, Grand Tetons,
Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Canyon, Arches, and
Monument Valley; with buffalo. (1991) 57 minutes.
Explore glaciers by land, air & sea.  See Glacier Bay, Denali
National Park, whales, moose, bald eagles & caribou; plus
totem poles and Native American dancing.  (1990) 58 minutes.
How the Berlin Wall survived the end of the cold war.  
Historic buildings and monuments including the Reichstag,
Brandenburg Gate, Versailles, Arc de Triumph, Eiffel Tower,
and Notre Dame Cathedral.  (1990) 58 minutes.
5,000 years in the making.  The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer
time travels through Egypt; featuring the Pyramids and a
talking Sphinx, the temples of Luxor (Thebes), King Tut, and
sailing on the Nile, + much more.  (1992) 48 minutes.
Visit all of India's leading historic sites: the Taj Mahal, Delhi,
Red Fort, Khajuraho, Ajanta, Jaipur, Udaipur, & Varanasi;
urban cows + tigers, elephants and camels; walk the streets of
India's cities; plus Kathmandu, Nepal. (1991) 66 minutes.
Visit the 5 major islands of Hawaii: The Big Island (Hawaii)
with Volcanoes National Park and flowing lava; Maui - whale
watching and the Haleakala Crater; Molokai's historic leper
colony; Oahu - the Arizona Memorial and Diamond Head;
Kauai, and the beauty of Waimea Canyon plus a helicopter
ride over the lovely island.  (1993) 41 minutes.  
Italy and Eastern Europe: Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice;
followed by Vienna (Austria), Prague (Czech Republic),
Warsaw & the saga of Poland (includes Auschwitz), Ukraine,
and Budapest (Hungary).  (1994)  46 minutes.  (If you want
Italy alone, watch "Gondola With the Wind 2" from 2001.
The Volcano erupts, Pirates battle, Fountains dance, as the
Las Vegas hotel-casinos lure people to the slot machines by
pretending to be Venice, Paris, Rome, Ancient Egypt, New
York and Rio.  Nights of Lights and Neon.  (2002) 31 minutes
Tour Germany's best sites: Frankfurt's old town, Rhine
River cruise, the Cologne Cathedral, Hamburg's canals &
red-light district, Berlin (the Wall, other changes since 1990,
major monuments), Dresden, Nuremberg, Dachau
Concentration Camp Memorial, Munich (glockenspiel, beer
hall & palaces), plus King Ludwig II's most famous castle.  
With digital effects and music.  (2003) 32 minutes.
Internet Premiere
Highlights of Argentina and Brazil.  Tango in Buenos Aires,
meet Evita, watch Gaucho dancing from the Pampas; then the
Argentina and Brazil sides of massive Iguazu Falls.  In Rio de
Janeiro, gaze at the views from famous mountain tops, look
for the Girl from Ipanema at Rio's beaches, and take in a
Samba show, where the costumes range from almost nothing
to extremely elaborate.  (2004) 23 minutes; digital effects.
A grand circle tour of France, beginning and ending in Paris,
with Notre Dame, Pompidou Center, Eiffel Tower,
Napoleon's Tomb, Sainte-Chapelle's stained glass & Paris at
night; plus Roman sites at Nimes, the walls of Carcassonne,
Lourdes, Palace of Chenonceau, the Bayeux Tapestry, and
much more.  (2004) 28 minutes; with music + digital effects.
Explore the historic wonders of Japan, land of exquisite
castles, temples and shrines.  Starring Kyoto's Golden
Pavilion, a pair of giant Buddhas, three National Treasure
castles, Tokyo (Imperial Palace & the Ginza), Nara's spoiled
deer, traditional Japanese entertainment, Hiroshima's Peace
Park & the Floating Shrine, plus much more, including the
world's best train system and digital effects. (2005) 33 minutes.
Explore the Viking lands of Denmark, Sweden & Norway:
Copenhagen's colorful Nyhavn Canal, the Little Mermaid, and
entertainment at Tivoli; Stockholm stars the Vasa Museum,
home to an ornate warship that immediately sank in 1628.  
Norway offers the beauty of its fjords, waterfalls gushing, a
glacier, attractive Bergen, and trolls.  In Oslo explore the
Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Viking Ship Museum and
diverse street performers.  With historic houses, Viking
(Stave) churches, and digital effects.  (2006) 25 Minutes.
The Balkans: Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, &
Slovenia, with Orthodox Church artistic splendor, Sarajevo,
Mostar's bridge , Walled City of Dubrovnik, Roman Emperor
Diocletian's Palace, Postojna Cave, Lake Bled, entertainment,
and digital effects.  (2007) 28 Minutes.
Sicily and Malta highlights, starring: a "Godfather" movie
shrine, the Mt Etna volcano, the well preserved Greek Temple
of Concord, fantastic Roman mosaics, a Norman mountain top
fortress, vivid Byzantine mosaics in a Catholic church;
Malta's out of time 16th Century walls and forts, the saga of
Malta's Crusader Knights, Mdina's former Arab fortress, and
a tour of Malta's Grand Harbor. (2008) 22 Minutes.
Scenic vistas plus adventures by land and sea, with a Maori
dance concert, the Kiwi bird, Milford Sound, waterfalls,
geysers, a sheepshow, jetboating, a glacier, penguins, and the
majesty of Mt Cook.  With digital effects.  (2008) 25 Minutes.
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Explore 5 of Canada's famous Rocky Mountain National Parks
in the Banff-Lake Louise Area; featuring splendid waterfalls,
glaciers, lakes, mountains, and other amazing scenery, plus
local animal life.  Starring Banff, Kootenay, Yoho, Mount
Revelstoke, and Jasper National Parks.  Learn how Canadians
distinguish themselves from Americans. (2009) 20 Minutes.   
"Mayavision Dos" has five Maya sites to be explored in the
state of Chiapas; starring Palenque, with its Temple of
Inscriptions and the Palace; also Bonampak's colorful murals,
the best such art in the Mayan world.  Visit a traditional
Mayan village during Carnival, looks like Halloween for
adults; also traditional Carnival dances with Jaguars and
masked men, a lovely waterfall, and Maya markets.  No
duplication of the original "Mayavision".  (2010) 18 Minutes.
"Tulips That Yodel" stars Belgium, the Netherlands (Holland),
& Switzerland, with Brussels Grand Place, medieval Bruges,
Flanders Fields of World War I, the Dutch old town of Delft,
great flowers at Keukenhof Gardens, windmills, glorious
Amsterdam, then Switzerland's mighty Matterhorn, Bern with
its Ogre Fountain, coo coo clocks galore, plus Lucerne's
folklore show, medieval bridges, Luceren's Old Town and the
moving Lion Monument carved in rock.  (2010) 30 Minutes.
"Rainforest Nature Nation" celebrates unusual creatures of
Costa Rica, starring the Walking Stick, Bullet Ant, Blue Jeans
Frog, Sloth, Iguanas, Leaf Cutter Ants, White Faced
Monkeys, and the Strangler Fig, among others.  Also featured
are Crocodiles plus Caiman, and don't miss Croc feeding
time.  Costa Rica protects its wildlife in private reserves and
national parks so that you can see them.  (2011) 14 Minutes.
"Dancing With The Lemurs" glorifies amazing wildlife unique
to Madagascar.  It stars: Dancing Lemurs, Black and White
Lemurs, Ring-Tailed Lemurs, Brown Lemurs, also Iguanas,
Geckos, Millipedes, Bats, the incredible Spiny Forest, plus a
tribal village and classroom visit.  With digital tricks of slow
motion and reverse.  (2012) 21 Minutes.
Experience Iceland's volcanic lava, lovely waterfalls, and
Europe's largest glacier.  Also how Icelanders relate to Norse
gods, part of their Viking heritage. Meet the Icelandic Horse &
visit the famous Blue Lagoon.  (2012) 17 Minutes.
See spectacular Wales medieval castles, rival artwork in
Northern Ireland (both part of Britain), Giant's Causeway,
Ireland's glorious music, the dramatic Cliffs of Moher, songs &
music in Bunratty Castle and much more. (2013) 21 Minutes
Portugal video features entertainment in Lisbon,  a horse stud
ranch,  the rugged Atlantic Ocean coast,  ancient walled cities
and castles, Roman Empire sites,  unusual plants,  the lovely
city of Porto, the Catholic miracle celebrated at Fatima, and
the strangely designed Lisbon Bull Ring.  (2014) 18 Minutes  
Highlights of South Africa + Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe).  Tour
the Cape Town area, including African Penguins, the colorful
Bo-Kaap Neighborhood, views from Table Rock, & visit
Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

Then 7 Safari Game Drives starring the best known African
animals; Soweto's great dance group; and Victoria Falls,
spectacular, even better with rainbows.  (2015) 27 Minutes.  
The Intrepid Berkeley Explorer invades Cuba.
"Copa Havana" features Cuban music & dance,
Cuban art, classic cars galore, World Heritage
Sites, monuments to the 1959 Revolution, and
examples of the new Cuba.  Havana, Trinidad,
and Santa Clara are the main places visited.
(2016) 28 Minutes.
Bavaria's giant beer party in Munich, Ludwig II's
fairy tale castle, Salzburg (Austria), a Danube
River cruise, Vienna, and Slovakia's capital
Bratislava.  (2016) 19 Minutes.
Experience the wonders of Burma/Myanmar:  
spectacular temples with Golden Buddhas,
Mandalay's Royal Palace, the world's largest
wooden bridge, bell, and book; gold pounding, a
Buddhist school & nunnery, village life; ride
long-tailed boats on Inle Lake, see fishermen's
tricks, and enjoy Yangon's (Rangoon's) Royal
Culture Show.
 (2017) 30 minutes
Revive the Persian Empire and visit Iran's famous
cities.  Meet the friendly people, dabble in some
history, politics & religion, plus bazaars, mosques,
and unusual architecture; countless World
Heritage Sites.  (2018) 27 Minutes     
Persia Now and Then