Portraits of Modern Egypt
The old and the new co-exist in today's Egypt.  On the left a
vegetable seller in the Aswan Bazaar.  On the right a clear
sign in Arabic that Egypt is now part of the Coke Empire.
3 volunteers to pose for my camera,
outside a Coptic Church in Aswan.
Things can also go better smoking a traditional waterpipe.
It was Coptic Easter, and many people
dressed up for the occasion.
Egypt and the Nile can never be separated.  These are
ancient Egyptian boats called Feluccas, sailing upon
the Nile at Aswan.  Tourists are expected to take a
ride on a Felucca.
Here is my view of the Nile, from a Felucca.
This village near Luxor is reputed to be the main home
for Pharaoh grave robbers through untold centuries.  
It keeps getting moved by the authorities further away
from all historic sites.  Apparently nothing makes any
difference to those who still deal in illegal artifacts.
Some things in Egypt just don't change.  Back in Cairo, and
here is my hotel, the "Ramses Hilton".  It seems Ramses II
keeps finding new monuments for displaying his presence.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free video of Egypt by clicking on:
King Tut, Ramses, and Me