The Sphinx
The Sphinx is Giza's least understood resident.  
Unlike the Pyramids, virtually nothing about the
Sphinx is known, leading to many theories, and a
reputation for silence combined with mystery.
All too real is the damage suffered by the Sphinx,
as more than one invading army used its face for
target practice.  I found the Sphinx's beard in
London's British Museum.  Restoration of the
Sphinx remains a work in progress.  
Each day at dusk the Egyptians present one of the
world's greatest sound and light shows.  The Sphinx,
silent no more, narrates in a booming voice, presenting
the history of ancient Egypt, as each pyramid and the
Sphinx itself all glow under brilliant colored lights.  
Only video can do justice to this performance.
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the Intrepid
Berkeley Explorer's free video of Egypt by clicking on:
King Tut, Ramses, and Me