Petra Housing
Petra housing, thousands of caves carved out of the rocks.
Definitely a high rise, but I doubt they had any zoning
Here is a Petra cave still in use as housing by a Bedouin.  The
Bedouin tend to ignore rules, such as the Jordanian ban upon
living in these Petra caves.  No need to be a nomad now.
Home sweet home, the cave interior, with both decorations
and furniture.  Clearly better for him than a Bedouin tent.
Housing for eternity.  These are Nabataean Royal Tombs,
carved out of the rock, the same as everything at Petra.
I doubt the Nabataean royal family ever expected to
have their tombs crawled over by happy tourists.
I was reluctant to leave Petra, but still had to exit.  This is the
trail opening, directly in front of the Treasury.  The adventure
was over, but I hope Petra will receive the attention it
deserves, whether tourists begin in Jordan or Israel.  
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of this trip by
clicking on:
Land of Milk and Chutzpah