Contrasting Images of India
Rural India changes very little over the centuries.  The
fields are still plowed with oxen, who also pull carts.  
Hard work for both people and animals.
Oxen horns become a canvas for artistic expression.  
These were the best decorated horns I saw in India.
For Indian women the sari can be a colorful fashion
statement.  I took this picture at the Udaipur Lake
Palace Hotel.  She was going to the wedding, so this is
a formal dress sari.  Indian poverty was never out of
sight, and slums were often next to luxury hotels.   
It was 1991, time of the first Gulf War.  In Old Delhi, there
was a Moslem area with posters supporting Saddam
Hussein.  I even found a pro-Saddam table, complete with
literature and buttons.  As the world's largest democracy,
India practices free speech.
Varanasi, India's holiest Hindu city.  These devout women are
here to cleanse themselves in the sacred Ganges River.  Hindus
also come to Varanasi in order to die here, and be cremated
on the Ganges.  The varied activities taking place could only
be captured on video, as we passed by boat.  The religious
heart of Hindu India can be found at Varanasi.   
If you have a high speed internet connection, watch the
Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of this trip by
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India and Nepal