Ranthambhor National Park
India Tiger Wildlife Preserve
India has created many wildlife preserves in an effort
to save the tiger and other endangered animals.  The tiger
needs prey, and the spotted deer have been perfectly cast
in that role at Ranthambhor.
Tiger habitat includes tall grass in which they can hide most
effectively, sneaking up on their prey.  Great for the tiger, but
a major obstacle to photography.  This tiger was walking on
the road, and then stopped for a drink, providing the only
decent tiger video I managed at Ranthambhor.         
The Banyan Tree is native to Asia, and quite unusual.  It
grows out, not up, with dangling roots, that turn into trunks
to support its outward growth.  Here is a great example of
Banyan technique.  In the United States, Lahaina, on the
Island of Maui in Hawaii, has a Banyan Tree that's been
allowed to take over nearly an entire block.
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