Paradise Bay &
Lemaire Channel
Paradise Bay (Harbor) is one of the Antarctic Peninsula's
best known scenic locations.  No landing is made, while
the surrounding glaciers are viewed and photographed.
You can see how many small icebergs have fallen from
the face of this glacier.
The Paradise Bay glaciers turn out a number of
artistic iceberg designs.  Nearly all these trips feature
a zodiac ride through an iceberg art gallery at one of
many possible locations.
Another lovely glacier in the Paradise Bay area.
Lemaire Channel, a narrow passage, must be navigated
as spectacular cliffs and glaciers appear on both sides of
the ship.  Lemaire Channel's nickname is "Kodak Gap".   
It's a matter of repeatedly moving from one side of the boat
to the other, looking for the most striking shots.
My Lemaire Channel favorite, as the mist parted.  The
picture was taken in color, despite turning out in black and
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of
this trip by clicking on:
There's Something About Penguins