Adelie Penguin Colony
   On Paulet Island
Adelie Penguins formed the largest colony of any species
we saw, here on Paulet Island.
This was real population density, covering a huge
area from hillsides down to the sea.
The rules are that penguins must not be disturbed.  So
I had to stand on the edges of the colony, letting the
camera take me inside the crowd for a better look.
This close up shows Adelie chicks, again a fluffy brown.
The one adult seems in charge of at least six chicks.  The
chicks feed beak to beak, as adults regurgitate their
food.  The Adelies have a black head with round eyes,
which is a way to tell them apart from Chinstraps.
Some of the Adelies could not resist exploring this
slippery patch of snow and ice.  I liked the image.
Here's a closer look.  Perhaps these Adelies were
tired of being part of the crowd.  Many of them
kept slipping, but did not seem to care.    
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the Intrepid Berkeley Explorer's free video of
this trip by clicking on:
There's Something About Penguins