Giant's Causeway
Northern Ireland, Britain
Northern Ireland's only World Heritage Site struck the ancients as
something so remarkable that only Giants could have built it.  Yet it
was nature that piled these rocks on top of one another to create an
incredible formation.  This picture is a wide shot of the main display.
The rocks of Giant's Causeway do look carefully placed,
each one needed to support the entire structure.
Here is another part of the rock formation, bordering the
Irish Sea.  Every piece does seem placed as if it was part of
an intentional design.
Tourists enjoy this part of Giant's Causeway because it's
easy to reach without any real climbing.  
The steep rock pile which is Giant's Causeway, as shown
earlier, has a gentle slope on its other side.  Tourists can
easily reach the top, giving the false appearance of having
done a remarkable ascent, probably illegal.  You can see
them at the right side of the first still on this page.       
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