Caernarfon Castle
Caernarfon, Wales, Britain
Caernarfon was one of the mighty medieval castles built by
English King Edward I to subdue Wales.  Construction began
in 1283.  After King Edward's son and heir was born in the
castle, Edward proclaimed him "Prince of Wales".  This title
was intended to make English rule more acceptable to the
Welsh.  Over 700 years later every male heir to the British
throne is still designated Prince of Wales.          
The Castle's moat is now used by small boats, with mighty
towers surrounded by roads and parking lots.  Virtually
intact, Caernarfon is a leading Wales tourist attraction.  It
has also been designated a World Heritage Site.  
Caernarfon fortifications also look splendid from inside the
castle.  Visitors can climb the turrets for different views.
This still is from a turret, showing that castle flags are
once again the red dragon of Wales.
I did manage one still of Caernarfon's exterior where the
modern world is removed.
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