Scotland - Edinburgh
Edinburgh is a marvelous city to visit.  It's castle, which
dates back over a thousand years, is built atop an
extinct volcano.
Edinburgh Castle displays its lava foundation very clearly.
Kilts are no longer normal attire for men in Scotland.  But
the guides to Edinburgh Castle, such as this man, all wear
kilts.  The guide presented history from a strong Scottish
perspective.  According to him the impregnable Edinburgh
Castle was never captured in battle.  I believe the English
disagree, and can recount their own victories here in the
historic Capital of Scotland.

The guide also explained that Scotland
conquered England
in 1603, when the two countries united under King James I,
who had been James VI of Scotland.  Again the English
would not concur, since it was a peaceful unification, with
London as the capital.  There would be no more Scottish
Kings, and the Scots also lost their parliament until very
recently.  Thus England more or less absorbed Scotland.    
I was impressed by the conspicuous appearance of lava
as part of Edinburgh Castle's interior.     
We Charge Tourists!!  That was the battle cry of these
Braveheart warriors at an Edinburgh fair.  Then they
charged right at me with their weapons.  It makes for 3
seconds of unique video.  This was the greatest danger I
faced in Scotland.
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