Capital of Ireland
Here is Dublin, which grew up around the River Liffey.
The Ha'penny Bridge from 1816 was my favorite, for
pedestrians only.  Ha'penny, half a cent, apparently was
the toll for using the bridge.  It's free now, but the old
name has stuck.
After (or before) a tiring river crossing, the pub is very
conveniently located by the bridge.
This young man was behind the bar at a different
Irish pub.  I have no idea what the legal age is to be a
bartender in Ireland.
The Irish pubs will all feature Guinness.  The Guinness
Brewery was founded in 1759, and makes its beer from
River Liffey water.  Guinness has its headquarters in
Dublin and is one of the city's largest employers.  I
liked the Guinness promotional signs which extol
amazing benefits from their beer.  Besides photography,
I felt a proper Dublin visit had to include ordering
Guinness at a pub.  That was one of my better ideas.    
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