Castles and Pubs
I concluded that pubs and castles were the main things
Britain and Ireland had in common.  The pubs were more
functional.  This is Warwick Castle, English, very
attractive and well preserved.  Wax dummies occupy
many of its rooms, as do real people, all in period
costumes.  Tourists, conditioned by the dummies, are
shocked when anyone dressed in a historic costume
Pub signs follow a common style.  In Stratford-Upon-Avon, this
pub promotes itself as Shakespeare's favorite.  Who could
possibly dispute such a claim?
An Irish pub from Waterford.  Bright colors help make
the pubs impossible to resist, especially in Ireland.
Blair Atholl Castle is in Scotland.  Quite attractive.  I
saw no indication it was ever intended to fight a battle.  
Luxury housing for the nobility in my opinion.   
Pub signs can create a sense of national confusion.
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