Salisbury Plain
Stonehenge is Europe's best known and most accessible
prehistoric site.  It's estimated to be 5,000 years old,
including a 1,500 year construction and re-construction
period.  That makes Stonehenge a contemporary of the
Egyptian Pyramids at Giza, a far greater achievement.     
Stonehenge remains a triumph for its builders, who
dragged some of these stones from hundreds of miles
away, and placed them in complicated circular designs.
What remains is best appreciated at a distance in my
Moving closer, it's difficult to find intact sections of the
vertical and horizontal stones which are the most
recognizable Stonehenge images.
You can see the helicopter, upper left, offering a view of
Stonehenge from the air.  I had no time for that option.
As with both Egyptian and Mayan temples, Stonehenge,
taken in its entirety, reflects astronomical patterns based
upon the seasons and positions of the sun.  Although the
purpose of Stonehenge remains unknown in our modern era,
its builders would have the explanation, but they left no
written records.
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