Buckingham Palace
and St Paul's Cathedral
The redcoats are coming!  Some things do not change
in over 200 years.  These soldiers are at the starting
point for the Changing of the Guard ceremony.  No
crowds here.  As the band joins in, only video can do
justice to these military movements.
The finish line is Buckingham Palace, residence for
Queen Elizabeth II in London.  The soldiers parade by.
St Paul's Cathedral, completed in 1710 by the
architect Sir Christopher Wren, boasts a huge dome
that can be seen all over London.  In the church dome
competition, Londoners only concede that St Peter's at
the Vatican is larger.  St Paul's can battle with
Westminster Abbey for royal events.  Princess Diana
and Prince Charles were  married here in 1981.
With interior photography permitted, St Paul's reveals
a splendid ornate design.  The dome can also be
ascended for views of London.  
London, England
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