Parliament, Big Ben,
and Westminster Abbey
London, England
Britain's Houses of Parliament photographed from across
the Thames.  The House of Commons and the House of Lords
both meet here.  Only the House of  Commons is elected by
popular vote and has actual governmental authority.  The
Prime Minister, leader of the majority party in the House of
Commons, is Britain's head of government.  Insulting debate
in the House of Commons, complete with interruptions and
heckling, would shock most Americans.   
Big Ben, actually just the chimes, has become a symbol
of both London and Britain that includes the clock
tower, which is attached to Parliament.  
Westminster Abbey is where nearly every British
King or Queen has been crowned.  The pageantry of
royal weddings and funerals also take place here,
along with the coronations.  Monarchs, the famous,
and the elite have tombs and monuments throughout
the church.  Photography of the interior is
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