Tower of
London &
Tower Bridge
William the Conqueror began constructing the Tower of
London in 1078.  It has been a castle fortress, palace, royal
jail, and now a tourist attraction on the Thames River.  
The Crown Jewels can be viewed, but not photographed.
The Tower of London's evil reputation comes from its prison
heritage.  The two wives beheaded by Henry VIII were first
taken to the Tower, along with political prisoners through
the centuries.  There are many towers in the complex, which
is still dominated by the White Tower above, built first.    
Tower Bridge is the Tower of London's neighbor.  This late
19th century design is the city's only interesting bridge over
the Thames.  It's a drawbridge and a museum.  Crossing on
foot is easy, with the upper section also available, for a fee.
At night Tower Bridge is attractively lit, remaining a
great photographic subject from every angle.
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