City of Esfahan
A Leading Tourist Destination in Iran
On the Royal Square is the beautiful Shaw Mosque
(17th Century).  It's vibrant colors and designs
were the best I saw in Iran.   
This close-up shows a very detailed design.  Other
mosques offer faded versions of the same idea.
The Royal Square also hosts a gigantic
bazaar.  Here is engraving on a copper plate
that brings the Persian Empire back to life.
A multi-layered cake-like offering of
spices for sale at the bazaar.
Esfahan is famous for its majestic Zayandeh River
crossed by attractive bridges.  I was shocked to
discover that the river's water had been hijacked
by the City of Yazd.  This wasteland is at the Khaju
Bridge.  A very different scene is on postcards.
Watch the free Intrepid Berkeley Explorer video
of my Iran trip, "Persia Now and Then", featuring
friendly people, history & politics, bazaars,
mosques, and unusual architecture.

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Persia Now and Then