Inle Lake
Some lucky Burmese cats have a high
quality life at this Inle Lake feline preserve.
Inle Lake is most attractive.  Tourist  
transportation is by long-tailed boats.
Two fishermen tricks performed here.  On the
left a one foot balancing act.  On the right a
more famous trick, the leg paddle, in which
the oar and leg function as one.
Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, holiest site on
the lake, took losing Buddha to the
highest level I could imagine.
These revered blobs were once small statues
of Buddha.  But gold leaf continually applied
has covered up all signs of Buddha.  The blobs
are paraded around Inle Lake at an ornate
annual festival.  This was the last time I had to
take off my shoes and socks at a religious site
in Burma.
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the free Intrepid Berkeley Explorer video
of my Burma trip, "To Mandalay and Beyond",
featuring spectacular temples with golden
Buddhas and a Royal Culture Show, by clicking
on this direct link which starts it playing in the
MP4 format:

To Mandalay and Beyond