Mandalay Royal Palace
Mandalay, Burma
Everything here is a 1990s reconstruction of the
original palace buildings from the 1850s.  Palace
grounds were destroyed in their entirety during
World War II.  I still appreciated seeing how it
was when Burma had famous Kings.
Palace visitors are first greeted by this
multi-storied entrance hall.
From a tower the palace size can best be viewed.
The King is recreated as well, still
holding audience in elaborate chambers.
In a different but equally grand hall King Mindon
and his Queen hold court.
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the free Intrepid Berkeley Explorer video
of my Burma trip, "To Mandalay and Beyond",
featuring spectacular temples with golden
Buddhas and a Royal Culture Show, by clicking
on this direct link which starts it playing in the
MP4 format:

To Mandalay and Beyond