Highlights of Burma/Myanmar
 and Table of Contents
The boat shaped Burmese Harp is the nation's
best known instrument, featured in my video.
Burma has long been an extremely Buddhist
nation.  Some sacred sites go back over 2,000
years.  Buddhist statues of all kinds were easy
to photograph, with no restrictions.  But
entering a temple area meant taking off both
shoes and socks, which I found both
unreasonable and painful.
The central structure at Burma's Buddhist temples,
pagodas or payas often is a large gold stupa. Stupas
of smaller sizes are also prevalent.  The rule is to
walk clockwise around a central stupa.  
My favorite Buddhist Stupa was this
elegant design, Hsinbyume Paya, built in
1816 at Mingun.
If you have a high speed internet connection,
watch the free Intrepid Berkeley Explorer video
of my Burma trip, "To Mandalay and Beyond",
featuring spectacular temples with golden
Buddhas and a Royal Culture Show, by clicking
on this direct link which starts it playing in the
MP4 format:

To Mandalay and Beyond
We visited a Buddhist nunnery.  The
nuns wear pink, monks red, and shaved
heads all around.